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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


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PLEASE READ THESE TERMS OF USE AND DISCLAIMER CAREFULLY AND IN THEIR ENTIRETY PRIOR TO ACCESSING THIS WEBSITE, located at and identified as http://www.90210LOOKS.com, including but not limited to all web pages and features thereof (hereinafter "SITE"). Your use or access of this SITE is proof that you agree to the terms and conditions of use set forth herein.  If you do not agree to said terms and conditions, you are prohibited from using this SITE or any of its parts.

Color Reproduction and Accuracy

Every effort has been and will continue to be made to accurately depict the true colors of our products on your computer’s monitor or screen.  It is, however, inevitable that the actual color will vary from the colors as they are reproduced on individual monitors, with varying lighting methods, and we are therefore unable to guarantee that the color as you view it on your monitor is a completely accurate reproduction of the original color(s). 

Disclaimers as to Products and Use

90210LOOKS.com carefully reproduces and includes with your purchase any and all directions and warnings provided by the manufacturer(s) of products offered for sale on our site.  90210LOOKS.com makes every effort to sell only the finest products available, in an effort to provide Customers with products that may be relied upon as safe when used as directed and intended.  Nevertheless, Customer acknowledges and agrees that any one or more of such products may be inappropriate for their own use, due to allergies or other sensitivities or conditions.  Customer accepts full responsibility for ensuring that the products are used by Customer in their intended manner and in accordance with said products’ labels, directions, packaging inserts, and all manufacturer’s directions and warnings.  Customer further agrees to be responsible for knowledge as to their own limitations with regard to allergies or other sensitivities or conditions, and to modify or limit their use of said products accordingly.

90210LOOKS.com is not liable for any adverse reaction or damages resulting from the use of their products by Customer (or others who gain access to said product through Customer) which result from unintended methods of use, violation of the product instructions, disregard of product warnings, or Customer’s limitations due to allergies, sensitivities, or other physical conditions.  90210LOOKS.com is not liable for failure of any product to meet Customers’ expectations and needs.  Customer acknowledges that 90210LOOKS.com is not the manufacturer of the products available for purchase on its SITE.

Services available on this SITE may include counseling or advice as to use of products offered.  Customer acknowledges and agrees that, while 90210LOOKS.com may rely upon the advice of manufacturers, beauticians and other professionals in providing opinions and assistance, Customers are responsible for knowledge and application of their own personal limitations which are advisable due to allergies, skin conditions, or other special health conditions or circumstances.  While 90210LOOKS.com does not accept liability as specifically described and identified in these Terms & Conditions, we will provide any and all information available to us regarding identity of the manufacturer(s) of our products and will provide Customer with contact information for said manufacturer(s) upon request.   

Pricing Errors and Changes Affecting Product Orders


The fact that a product or service is listed, described, or referred to on this SITE does not guarantee that said product or service is then immediately available, nor does it constitute an endorsement in any manner or form of said product or service.  Should a price need to be adjusted due to typographical error or unforeseen manufacturer’s change, or incorrect information supplied from a manufacturer, we reserve the right to cancel and/or refuse any order placed at said incorrect charge.  In the event that said cancellation or refusal takes place after the charge has been submitted to Customer’s credit card, we shall promptly issue an appropriate credit to said card.   

Product Orders for Items Not in Stock

Sales of products not in stock may occur from time to time, as such items may be on order from a manufacturer or supplier, or we may be waiting on information as to future availability of such products.  90210LOOKS.com will strive to fill all such orders as quickly as possible.  If, however, it is determined that an item which has been so ordered will be unavailable for a significant period of time, we will notify you by e-mail of the situation and will cancel that item from your order.  In the event that an adjustment to your credit card charge is appropriate under these circumstances, said adjustment will be made quickly.   

Disclaimer of Representations and Warranties

This SITE is provided for the Customer’s benefit and use, Customer acknowledges and agrees that this SITE and all contents hereof are accepted “AS IS”, without warranty unless specifically provided and required by law.

90210LOOKS.com specifically disclaims the following with regard to the contents of this SITE, including but not limited to its information, products, materials, and services:

·         All representations and warranties, whether express or implied; and

·         All warranties of merchantability; and

·         Any and all representations and warranties regarding fitness of a product for a particular purpose; and

·         The Title and potential infringement aspects of said SITE; and

·         Any and all computer viruses which may cause injury or damage; and

·         Any and all warranties which may be implied by a course of conduct, dealing, or performance; and

90210LOOKS.com makes no warranty or representation that the information available on or through its SITE is complete, current, or accurate.  Prices and availability of products and services are subject to change without prior notice. 

Limitation on Liability

To the fullest extent allowed by law, 90210LOOKS.com shall be held harmless from and shall not be held liable for any damages whatsoever that are occasioned by or in some way connected with any aspect of its SITE or the products sold thereon.  Specifically, 90210LOOKS.com shall not be liable for punitive, special, or exemplary damages, nor for direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages.  The fact that 90210LOOKS.com may have been advised of the potential for damages shall not, in and of itself, confer liability.  The nature or theory of any action shall not negate or otherwise impact the above-stated denial of liability; nor shall the fact that the underlying allegation(s) may arise from or out of any aspect of use of this SITE, or inability to use this SITE, including but not limited to proper provision of information, warranties (whether express or implied), performance, products, related services, and other available materials or resources provided. 

These limitations shall prevail and control in any action or proceeding brought as against 90210LOOKS.com, even though the essential purpose of any limited remedy may be found to be inadequate.  In some jurisdictions, limitations on implied warranties and/or limitation or exclusion of liability for damages which are incidental or consequential are not allowed by law, and in those jurisdictions, the above-stated limitations may not apply. 

Consent to Jurisdiction

Choice of Law. The Seller and the Company agree that this Agreement will be governed in all respects by the substantive laws of the State of California, without respect to its conflict of laws principles, and both parties waive any rights to a trial by jury. Any claim or dispute between Seller and Company that arises in whole or in part from this Agreement shall be decided exclusively by a court of competent jurisdiction located in Los Angeles County, California. YOU IRREVOCABLY CONSENT AND WAIVE ALL OBJECTION TO PERSONAL JURISDICTION AND VENUE IN THE STATE AND FEDERAL COURTS LOCATED IN LOS ANGELES COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, USA, AND YOU SHALL NOT COMMENCE OR PROSECUTE ANY SUIT OR ACTION EXCEPT IN THE FOREGOING COURTS.

Copyright of SITE Content

Any and all of this SITE’s content, including but not limited to images, video or audio clips, text and graphics, logos, icons, and software, is the express, reserved and identified property of 90210LOOKS.com (or its content suppliers), and the rights to all of said property is protected by the copyright laws of the United States, as well as pertinent international laws.  The combination of all said content on this SITE (whether termed a collection, grouping, arrangement, or other similar terminology) is now and shall hereafter be the exclusive property of 90210LOOKS.com, and as such is also protected by copyright laws of the United States, as well as pertinent international laws. Any and all software related to and/or used as regards this SITE is now and shall hereafter be the property of 90210LOOKS.com (or its suppliers of software), and the rights to all aspects of said software is protected by copyright laws of the United States, as well as pertinent international laws. 

The software and content of this SITE are permitted to be used for information and shopping; and you are permitted to download content if it is solely for your personal use and for purposes which are not commercial in nature.  With said express exceptions and permissions, any and all other usage of the content and software of this SITE, including but not limited to transmission, display, modification, and reproduction is strictly prohibited. 

Trademarks and Proprietary Names and Terms

All trademarks, trade names, or other proprietary designations (hereinafter collectively “MARKS”) are the sole and exclusive property of 90210LOOKS.com, or of other owners of legal rights thereto who have agreed that 90210LOOKS.com shall have the right and license to utilize said MARKS.  90210LOOKS.com is hereby specifically identified as one such MARK, but the term MARKS as used herein refers to any label or name of a similar proprietary nature which may appear on this SITE.   



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