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Violent Lips The Reds

Violent Lips The Reds

ITEM # LV-V 014834934066

Introducing Violent Lips' The Classics Collection in Red. 

The Classic Collection offers Long lasting, high pigmented solid colors in your favorite Violent Lips shades. The Reds is a Three Color Multi-Pack that contains 6 Temporary Lip Appliqus. 

Shades of Red Include: 
1. Deep Burgundy - As seen in our Red Love (2 appliques) 
2. Fire Engine Red - As seen in our Red Polka (2 appliques) 
3. Burned Red - As seen in our Red "And" (2 appliques) 

Note that when you open your package the Reds may not look red to you, but with our applications, what you see is not what's true to color because you are seeing the back of the application and not the front. The true color is actually facing the paper because when you apply, you're dabbing water on the paper backing and removing that to reveal the true color.